Chef Priya Bakshi

Chef Priya Bakshi is the Executive Chef and Owner of Cooked by Priya in Austin, TX. Born and raised in sunny Southern California she was raised around top chefs from around the country, since her father owned various restaurants. Her passion creating cuisines that were not only mouth-watering but eye catching started from a very young age. After school she would help the chefs in exchange of learning their tips and tricks of the trade.

She moved to NYC for college in 2002 for NYU, and graduated in 2006 with a double bachelors in International Business Law and Finance. Even though she works in the corporate field, she can't ever keep herself away from her passion of cooking various diverse cuisines. In her spare time Chef Priya found herself either cooking up a storm for her friends or cooking at private dinner parties.

Having moved to Austin,TX in January of 2012, Chef Priya has created a name in excellence for herself. She works closely with many health coaches and nutritionists in the area, doing meal prep of flavorful and delicious yet healthy meals. Her love for creating various sorts of diverse cuisines shines through her superb creations.  Chef Priya strongly believes that just because a meal is  healthy doesn't mean that it can not be flavorful and highly enjoyable!